The Epilepsy Medicare Foundation (EMF)
The Epilepsy Medicare Foundation is well known as “EMF or EMF-Pakistan”

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Membership of Association

The Membership of the Association shall be opened to those matures, well educated, possessing sound mind, good moral character, who are interested and willing to work for propagate and uplift of the association and other benevolent etc. and Promises to abide by the Rules, Regulations, /Articles of the Association and subject to the approval of the Managing Committee.if he/she

Promise to abide by the all Rules and Regulations of the Association.

b)        Pay admission fee of Rs.500/-(Rupees Five Hundred only) and annual subscription fee of Rs.1000/-. 


c)         If approved and considered by the Managing Committee.

 d)        The Executive Committee shall have the right to admit any person as an honorary member if may deem fit.

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  •   Opposite Main Gate P.M.C Hospital Nawab Shah, District Shaheed Benazir Abad.

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